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Q. How can I put a finish on my new tweed amp or guitar case to make it look more like the old stuff and be more resistant to soiling?
A. We use our own custom formulation, but have seen fair results from do-it-yourselfers who used Bullseye brand Orange/Amber Shellac, satin finish or Minwax brand "Polyshades" polyurethane - Honey Pine color, Satin finish. The shellac should be cut 1:1 with denatured alchohol and applied with a brush. Use enough coats to achieve the color you like, follow with clear shellac if a thicker finish is desired. The Minwax can be applied right from the can; work fast to keep a "wet edge". Use a finishing pad (synthetic steel wool - like a Scotch pad) to rub between coats to eliminate the roughness of some tweed. Hardware on guitar cases must be carefully masked. WORK SAFE! Follow all warnings and directions on the product containers. The shellac and alchohol are very flammable, the poly is smelly. PS - we can do all this for you using our own custom amber finish if you don't have the time, place, hand skills, and patience. We don't discourage do-it-yourselfers, but, our twenty-plus years of finishing hundreds of cabinets comes in handy. 

Q. When will you have more stuff on this FAQ page?
A. Good question. I don't know. Please check back - THANKS!

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