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Vintage-Style Covers for Fender Tweed/Blonde/Brown Amplifiers

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Updated December, 2015
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We're proud to offer these dead-on reproductions of the original covers offered for Fender amps in the 50s and early 60s.
We found a few "New Old Stock" rolls of this original light brown denim-like fabric with white flannel lining.
We had dies made to cut the detail pieces from one of the original materials used, and dark brown plastic binding for the trim. Even the original style tag is found inside! (tag is shown here in the ID tag window.) Our fabric supply has dwindled to the last rolls. Email to add your request for next production run.
Sorry, custom orders are not available at this time.

Handle opening detail
Covers for Fender Tweed/Blonde/Brown Amplifiers

A Blonde Bassman/Bandmaster 2-12 Cab 20" 32" 11.5" $TBA TBA
B Tweed Twin (Late) 18.25" 26.5" 10.25" $TBA TBA
D Blonde Showman Head (Early/large) 8" 26" 9.5" $TBA TBA
E Blonde Bandmaster Head (also small Showman) 8" 24" 9.5 $TBA TBA
F Blonde Bassman Head 8" 22" 9.5 $TBA TBA
G Blonde Tremolux Head 8" 23" 8.5 $TBA TBA!
H Fender Reverb Unit 10" 19" 7.75" $TBA TBA
I Tweed Prnctn/Hrvrd (Late) & Deluxe (TV/WP/55) 16" 18" 9" $TBA TBA
J Tweed Champ (Late) 12.5" 13.5" 8" $TBA TBA
K Tweed Bassman (Late) 22.5" 23.75" 10.5" $TBA TBA
L Tweed Pro/Tremolux (Late) 20" 22.5" 10" $TBA TBA
M Tweed Super 18" 22" 10.5" $TBA TBA
N Tweed Deluxe/Vibrolux (Late) 16" 20" 9.5" $TBA TBA
P Brown Super 18" 24" 10.5" $TBA TBA
Q Brown Pro 20" 24" 10.5" $TBA TBA
R Brown Princeton 16" 19" 9.5" $TBA TBA
S Brown Deluxe 17" 21" 9.5" $TBA TBA
T Brown Concert 24" 24" 10.5" $TBA TBA
U Blonde Tremolux 2-10 cab (large) 18" 28" 11.5" $TBA TBA
V Blonde Twin 19" 28" 10.5" $TBA TBA
W Brown Vibrasonic 20" 26" 10.5" $TBA TBA
X Brown Vibroverb 19" 25" 9.5" $TBA TBA
Y Brown Bandmaster (3-10") 22.5" 24" 10.5" $TBA TBA
Z Tweed V-Front Dual Prof./Super 19.25" 22.5" 8.75" $TBA TBA
AA Brown Vibrolux 18" 23" 9.5" $TBA TBA
AB Tweed Bassman/Bandmaster (TV/Wide-Panel) 20" 22" 10.5" $TBA TBA
AC Tweed Twin (Wide Panel) 19.75" 26.25" 10.5" $TBA TBA
AD Blonde Showman Cab (Large) 24" 36" 11.5" $TBA TBA
AE Tweed Bandmaster (3-10") 21" 22.5" 10.5" $TBA TBA
AF Blonde Bassman/Bandmaster 1-12" Cab 20" 30" 11.5" $TBA TBA
AH Tweed Pro (TV) 20" 23.75" 9.75" $TBA TBA
AI Tweed Twin (Low power Narrow-Panel) 20" 24.5" 10.5" $TBA TBA
* Depth dimension given is at the bottom of cabinet (most are smaller at the top)

These covers offer the same protection to your amp as the originals in the 50s and 60s. The material is prone to water spots (just like the original), so consider a "Scotchguard" treatment if this is a problem for you.

Original Fender amp cabinets tend to vary slightly in size and handle placement -- reproductions from some makers vary even more. We are happy to accept returns of covers (in brand new condition) which do not fit your amp and will provide a full refund (minus shipping). However, we cannot alter or make customized covers for your specific cabinet. Like the originals, these covers may fit snugly and may not cover the bottom edge of the cabinet. We try to achieve a perfect fit, but please remember, it's an amp cover, not a tuxedo!

So, by now you may be asking,
Covers are temorarily out of stock. We have enough of the New Old Stock fabric produce one more run of covers. Please email with your cover model requests.  We'll compile the requests and notify you as soon as we know what covers will be produced, when, and at what price. THANKS for your interest.

St. Louis, MO USA
phone 1-314-645-4102

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